Santa Claus is coming to town

He’s covered by a big fur coat looking like a sheep,
Sheep that you could tame to be your servant
But inside there’s a wolf that anytime, could kill
If i could trust such people i would not give warning


A flame

Be careful with your steps for it might burn your soul
Keep your bell silent for it will be heard and enter the door
Make sure that the doors and the windows are closed

Or else,

Run away from him for it might be your lost,
You do not know what he could do for his own desire
Do not hide because he can still see you
Behind the door

Solid Waste Management in Lucena City

Lucena City, being the biggest city in Calabarzon, with a lot of barangays, and a population of 266, 200 people, no wonder the garbage is found everywhere in the city. Especially in the streets, merged with the stinky smell of it. It is in fact caused by undisciplined people who tend to throw garbage anywhere. Undisciplined people working in malls, companies, restaurants, street vendors and also by informal settlers in Lucena. Improper disposal of garbage is the main cause why garbage doesn’t have a chance to be out of sight again everywhere in the city.

Residences and homes in Lucena are some of the major sources of waste pollution. Because garbage collectors forget about collecting the garbage in every subdivisions.
Most homes have garbage bins where they can throw away their solid wastes in but there’s no garbage collectors. Thus, garbage is collected outside until it became a mountain of Garbages.
The urban centers also contribute immensely to the solid waste crisis in most countries today. Some of the solid waste brought about by the municipal services includes street vendors. As we observe around the streets of Lucena, most people who eat foods from street vendors just throw their trash everywhere because street vendors don’t have their own plastics bags where people can throw their garbage. Another factor of wastes pollution is coming  from parks and beaches because it’s where a lot of people tend to go to and the tendency for is that people will bring food, they will eat it and then after eating they will just throw it anywhere. If they could bring their own plastic bags waste pollution could be prevented in beaches and parks.

Due to improper waste disposal systems particularly by municipal waste management teams, wastes heap up and become a problem. People clean their homes and places of work and litter their surroundings which affects the environment and the community. If people know the proper way of throwing their garabage, pollution, flooding, and odor could have been prevented. Lucena City could be a green city it just need green hands of its people.

Come inside of my heart

Come inside of my heart if you’re looking for answer, look up to the stars go a little bit faster…


The new millenial group band IV of Spades killed the 80’s vibes again with their song ‘Come inside of my heart

It is the fastest song IV of Spades recorded for their first album CLAP CLAP CLAP. Topping the chart with million of streams and views.

But, what made this song beautiful is that it’s not just written to be a song but it has a story behind it. According the guitarist of IV of Spades who also wrote this song, Blaster Silonga “Nasulat ko yan kasi ang daming nagagalit sakin. Magulang ko… basta, lahat ng nasa paligid ko. Hindi kasi ako sweet, hindi ako open na parang…, hindi kasi ako affectionate kaya parang akala nila “Wala ka bang paki samin, Blaster?” Tapos nasa isip ko, “Hindi, kailangan niyo lang akong pilitin. Sweet naman ako sa inyo, kaya ‘Come Inside of My Heart’ nalang. Ganun yung verse nun diba? Tatawagan lang kita pag gusto mong tawagan kita. Mahiyain ako eh.”

Their song ‘Come inside of my heart’ also became one of their hit song along with Take that man, In my Prison and the song that gave them the path into the mainstream media, Mundo.


The things I live for

Today i’m gonna write something that will show you who I really am. I will be able to let you know the things that I want, I’m passionate about and the things I can’t resist doing. But before that let’s go back from 6 years ago. 6 years ago I’ve been invited to play basketball with my friends by them. It’s really fun to play sports not only because it has a lot of health benefits but because it’s fun to play with your friends. We played basketball for about 3 years but today we are so busy with academics so we didn’t have enough time to play basketball. And in that 3 years we made a lot of happy memories and some conflict won’t be absent in that. But it’s ok, it’s a part of making a solid relationship between friends. Until now i play basketball but not that often. After that, spoken poetry become famous until now. And I am fascinated with the pieces of words that shapes the soul and the mind of people. “Words become pieces then soldified forming a frame of mirror and that’s me.” Truly a single word can mean a lot and have a big effect to the world. I’m a frame of mirror because I want everyone to see the world clearly through me. I want to be a person that will comfort them during bad days. And with that i dreamed to be a poet. I read a lot of books and poems and try to revise it with my own words. I find inspiration everywhere I go may it be in a park or just outside my house. I tried to write my own first poem then I show it to my friends and family and also to my other teacher. Happily, they liked it and told me to continue writing ’cause they see potential in me. So I decided to pursue it as my dream. I find some inspiration to everything I see and try to make something beautiful about the things I experience and see. Moreover, when I had a feelings for a girl I met on my previous school, I decided to write one for her knowing that she will like it since she’s also a fan of spoken poetry but sadly I didn’t give it to her because I’m shy. I’m so shy to talk with other people because I have this thought that they think of me trying or feeling to be close with them even though I’m not. I don’t like them to think of me like that. However, that’s not important. What’s important is me and my dream. My dream to give happiness and comfort to the world. To give my heart and sacrifice for the sake of happiness of other people. 2017, I am introduced to music by a famous OPM band IV of Spades with their song “Mundo.” I love their music so much since it has a lot of positive vibes. I’m a fan of them since 2017 and happy that I am part of their fandom. Because of them i wanted to be a musician even though I’m not good in any instruments. With them i wanted to sing again. I always sing in the videoke since when I was a child when I’m not yet studying. I have a lot of dreams in life. And I will say that having a lot of dreams is hard. Because you’ll be confused in what you will pursue first. We should just have one dream in order to keep in track with our life. If you have lot of dreams focus on one thing first then after you achieve that focus on your other dream. One step at a time. But if you can manage all of them at a time i don’t have any reason to stop you. I should not put a wall between someone’s life and their dreams.

About me

I’m a piece of mirror who’s formed by lot of broken pieces. Pieces of obstacles that came from different places. Either strong or sturdy. I’m like a piece of wood that can’t bent even in the strongest storm but with his words I surrender my home. I surrender my life to him because what’s the best for me. He knows every path that I came through. He sheltered himself as a shield from stones and arrows that will break within. I love him and will always love him. I appreciate the hardwork behind his artwork

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